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Proper Running Form to Improve Stamina and Efficiency

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I have noticed a common pattern among distance runners in competition is shoulder tension which results in raised shoulders and limited arm swing. This tension can contributes to a sore neck and limited or no running arm swing which can result in poor performance.

The main cause of shoulder tension is poor running arm swing. When most distance runners become fatigue they develop bad habits such as no running arm swing and tight shoulders. We spend a lot time training runner’s to improve endurance but spend little or no time teaching the proper running arm swing which is a simple way to reduce fatigue. The arms account for 40% of the running movement and it is very important to train the arms while training.

There is a simple and easy cure to shoulder tension for distance runners. Teach runners the A-B-C’s of a perfect arm swing.

Arm Swing A-B-C’s

A. Relax hands with thumb up.

B. 80° up swing elbow bend and 110° back swing elbow bend.

C.The shoulder should be relaxed and swing as a hinge.

We have designed a simple and easy way to create the perfect running arm swing action for runner and athletes. Byrdband running arm swing trainer is light weight poly-elastic webbing that attaches at the upper arm and around the wrist. Running arm swing trainer will hold the arms at the correct angle while training.