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How our Running Products work?

What is a  Arm Swing Trainer?

The arm swing trainer teach athletes the proper running arm swing.  It is made of poly-elastic webbing that attaches to the bicep crease (at the top of the bicep)  and the wrist or the hand.  It is also, adjustable to fit all sizes. This is a simple and easy way to teach good running form and running technique 


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How Runner Arm Swing Trainer work effectively for Athletes?

One of the most difficult challenges for advance runners and beginners is proper running arm action or running form. Byrdband creates the perfect running arm action very simple and easy by preventing the arms from dropping, crossing, and being held to high.

Runner Arm Swing Trainer Instruction

Step 1: Take the long end of the Byrdband and loop through the top section of the buckle and fasten the velcro loosely.  Repeat to the short end of the Byrdband. 

Step 2: Slip the right hand through the larger loop and pull the loop all the way up to the top of the bicep.  Secure the velcro so that it fits around the top of the bicep.

Step 3: Bend the right elbow and then place the right hand through the smaller loop.  Secure the velcro of the smaller loop around the wrist. 

Step 4: Repeat for the left arm.




What is Runner Stride Trainer? 

The leg trainer works to strengthen the hip flexor by improving stride frequency in return teaching the proper running form and running technique. It is made of poly-elastic webbing that attaches to both legs 3-4 inches above the knee.  

How Runner Stride Trainer work effectively for Athletes and Long Distant Runners? 

To increase speed is a very simple formula (stride length x stride frequency= speed). Stride length is determined by your height but stride frequency is determined by leg turnover. Byrdband leg trainer was created to increase stride frequency by strengthen the hip flexor and limiting stride length. This is a simple way to teach proper running form and running techinque.  

Runner Stride Trainer Instruction

Step 1: Remove from the packaging disconnect the ends of the leg trainer and place on the back of the leg 4 inches above the knee.

Step 2: The buckles should be the inside of the knee loop straps around to front of the leg. 

Step 3: Take each end of the straps and loop back through the buckle and attach securely to the to each leg. Repeat each leg.



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