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Things You Should Know Before getting started with Running

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While getting started with running, you have to struggle with a bunch of mixed feelings. Some might be enterprising while some of the feelings might make you heavy from inside. You might feel like a loser one moment and a champion the next moment! From time to time, you might even feel you have made the wrong choice. The moment you feel your legs going weak and your breathing turning heavy, you feel like it is not your thing. Some runners show perseverance and cover up their small goal of running the entire block. It leaves them with a great sense of accomplishment on the first day itself. It is not about the distance covered but about overcoming your obstacles that elates you. However, this attitude seems to fade away for most runners in course of time, which is main problem. However, these days young runners are getting more cautious and aware of the right mechanisms and the various dos and don’ts related to running.

Here are certain point-to-point things that you should know before beginning with your dream run:

  • Not a matter of stress
  • Running is often wrongly framed as a stressful exercise. The development of this very thought manifests signs of giving-up. It is a gentle form of exercise and is easily suitable for beginners. If you take it faster than your body can take, you are sure to hurt yourself. But, if you listen to your body well, running can be a soul-uplifting activity. Pace is not something that one should be forceful about. Runners need to take it slowly, but with a reasonable increase in mileage. It is always a wise decision to consult with a trainer or veteran runner in the initial phase.
  • Get into the shoes “meant for you”
  • Shoes are the sole investment that you need to make before starting your running spree. You cannot just rely on any sports shoes. You need some expert advice as to which shoes suit you the best. Do not blindly invest on a big brand. At the same time, do not compromise on buying a good pair. In this case, your comfort and running pace comes first, then the price. After all, a really good pair of shoes is a one-time investment that is sure to suffice you for more than a year. Also, your feet might swell from running, so buying hard-fitting shoes should never even be an option for you.
  • Comfort comes first
  • Some fashion-obsessed people manage comfort with style perfectly that might keep you wondering. And then, when you try copying the same, you do not feel the comfort required for running. Do it your own way. Remember, comfort is the first criteria.
  • Handy easy-to-use activity trackers
  • There are various activity trackers such as GPS watches, new smartphone apps, Foot Pod Accelerometers etc. that measure pace, distance, time and various other parameters to help you analyze your current performances. Foam rollers are also a new in-thing now. Simply rubbing these rollers along a sore or hurting muscle can do wonders.
  • Not to make a big deal of pain
  • Pain is a part-and-parcel of your running routine. Distressed muscles are inevitable. Whenever you bring a slight change to your workout session or make it more intense, sore muscles come along. But you cannot do away with changes in your schedule if you want to be the champion. If pain lingers for a long time during a workout, it is time to take a short break and visit the doctor. That is it. It is not a signal for you to give up. It is common and you will learn to deal with it as you gain more experience.
  • Perfect place and time to run
  • Hypothetically, you can run anywhere any freaking time! But, you have to select a time frame which suits your health and your busy schedule. Early mornings can be a good time if you hate the sun. You can run mid-day in winters to be accompanied with warmth. It might be subjected to changes with changing season. As far as place is concerned, you might start off with running at your neighborhood blocks and natural parks.
  • Must-take Safety measures
  • The world is not a wonderland with green pastures and all-time spring season! A runner has to be cautious. While running through dark, eerily silent areas, you need to be extra-alert. It is always better to run in a group or at least in someone else’s company when on the road. Beware of the traffic. Wearing vests of striking colors, carrying a whistle, prohibiting from playing music in loudspeakers are some of the genuine precautions.
  • Ideal training program
  • Training sessions and programs are a trend these days. These are equally important though, especially if you want to be an athlete or achieve a certain goal. You can get dozens of programs on the internet. You need to choose a program that best serves your needs and objectives.
  • Impact on your lifestyle
  • Running not only makes you feel more liberated but also has a substantial impact on your lifestyle and lifespan. It rewards you with a longer lifespan and a more sorted life-path. Your mental condition determines the way you deal with regular situations, make decisions, and bring change to the conformation of your lifestyle. You get more courageous and mentally and physically strong.

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New runners need to overcome a lot of their inhibitions and fears. Safety zone-bound runners can never make it to the final round. It takes the right amount of courage, determination, go-getter attitude, alternating go-hard and go-slow attitude to build a perfect runner. You can be one if you have the courage to accept and work on your mistakes consistently.