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Top Tips to Prevent Common Running Injuries

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Many amateur runners overstress themselves in order to prove their mettle. But in most cases they end up getting injured before reaching the finish line! Moreover, injuries demotivate some runners and they take break from their trainings. This break gets prolonged and disrupts their flow of practice, discouraging them further to hone their running ability.

Here are some basic tips to prevent common running injuries in the first place:

  • Strength training programs
  • A runner’s biggest asset is a fit body that can combat injuries. Strong upper and lower body shields you against little accidents and leads to a uniform pace. Strength training programs augment your agility, strength and fitness, minimizing muscular fatigue. A couple of strength training sessions per week is adequate. Strength training should be such that it emphasizes on all the body muscles. Weight lifting, squats, bench-press etc. should be included.
  • Balanced Diet
  • Eliminate the chances of dehydration during the competition or training session. Pre-hydrate yourself every 15-20 minutes of exercise preferably with cooled carbohydrate solutions. Maintain a whole-food diet containing abundant fruits and vegetables.
  • Stretching exercises
  • Incorporating stretching exercises in your daily schedule can boost up your flexibility. However, do not overdo. It is always better to warm up before getting engaged in stretching exercises. Never do stretching in a rash manner! Take the help of a proper trainer and include working on all your joints. Hold on to each stretch for a certain time period. Arm specific exercises like arm circles and cross body arm swings can help you a lot from the running point of view.
  • Preparing the body for more endurance level little by little
  • Aerobic activities such as hiking, kickboxing, dancing, swimming etc. are catalysts to better your running performance. However, you need to build up such activities little by little. If your body is not programmed yet to endure an intense training, do not rush with it on the first day itself. Prepare your body for the pain and endurance gradually. Increases in training volume, duration and intensity should be a gradual increase of 5-10% per week. Not increase, but the regulation of the intensity of the training is important. For instance, a rigorous workout can be followed by a relatively relaxed day at the gym. There might be a little wear-and-tear in the body due to workouts or trainings. A gradual increase shall allow the body to recover and resume its strength with a higher tolerance level. The strategy is to make your body adapted to the small amounts of change in the beginning. Once your body gives the green signal, you can start working on your speed.
  • Warming up before training
  • A 5-10 minutes brisk walk or slow jogging is all what you need to get yourself warmed up. This is especially important before a competition or challenging training session. The duration of an ideal warm-up session is directly proportional to the intensity of the workout. A warm-up session prevents gradual occurrence of muscle soreness.
  • Embrace the natural pose
  • Do not overplay while displaying art of running! Most people go out of their ways to lean forward to get into the mode of hardcore running. Running has to be done with a peaceful mind and a relaxed body. Keep your back straight and let the “lean” come to you naturally from the ankle. Unnatural leans can cause unnecessary body pains.
    Sometimes, just run the way your heart tells you to, at least in the initial phase. With short strides and quicker cadence, you stand a lower chance at getting yourself hurt.

Following the above tips, your body is sure to get in sync with your much-desired gait!

Some of the basic ingredients of good running technique are flexibility, straight posture, decent leg motion, quick cadence and upper and lower body co-ordination. A good leg motion is one where the knees are bent at a 90 degree angle while running. The minimum cadence that you must attain is 85-90 strides per minute with each foot. Listening to your body is key to preventing injuries.

When your upper body and lower body work complimentarily as one single unit, half of the job is done. Efficient Running does not have to be out-and-out grueling or painful! It can be a relaxing exercise for you, provided you adopt the right form. In case a newbie in the field, you should take the help of a coach or trainer. Get their evaluations and work on your weak points. Only when you accept your weaknesses, will you be able to improve your form.
Byrdband has come up with a wide variety of easy-to-use running products for all categories of runners. These products help you to prevent yourselves from running injuries by making you adopt the right techniques.

  • Arm Swing Trainer
  • Arm Swing Trainer leads to a good leg drive, relaxation of hands, strong shoulder swing, knowledge of implementing effective running techniques, maintenance of arms at 90 degree and preventing them from crossing the body midline during the running. Additionally, its light poly-elastic webbing creates an exclusive spring effect. This Arm Swing Trainer can be adjusted to fit into any arm size.
  • Running Stride Trainer
  • This useful Running Stride Trainer leads to the formation of enormous first steps that eventually lead to a superb finish. Eliminating the possibility of long strides, it heightens the stride frequency and strengthens hip flexor. This ensures longer running with fast cadence. Its light poly-elastic webbing can be conveniently handled. These Stride Trainers can be suited to any leg size.
  • Arm Swing Bar
  • The Arm Bar can be fitted into the middle segment of the arm swing trainer. It protects the arms from collapsing at the upper arm swing during running.
  • Head Band
  • The head band is of significant use to those who have longer hair. It prevents your hair from getting sweaty. You can focus on a clearer goal and run safely without any minor accident.

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