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Top Ways to Improve Your Running Speed

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Running is a part of the regular exercise for the common man. It is an easy-to-pick-up act that does not require specialized gym equipment. Running might not just be an exercise for many. Most enjoy running as it makes them feel liberated. It is mental connection in this case. Nevertheless, there must be a category that literally runs away from the idea of running! They are highly allergic to it! It is mostly because they feel they are not in “the shape”. There are several easy steps that can greatly augment your running speed, even if you are out of shape. Running is an effortless sport and makes you feel liberated mentally in the end.

Here are some basic tips to pace-up your running:

  • Maintain your cadence
  • Cadence can be defined as the number of steps taken with both feet per minute. The favorable cadence is 180 steps per minute. You might go with the cadence of 170 steps per minute. Work on increasing your cadence, once you hit the consistent cadence of 170.
  • Straight posture
  • Before learning and implementing high-profile running techniques, maintaining a straight posture is of major importance to get a suitable running posture. Slouching is a common problem for many aspiring runners or amateur athletes. Those who try too hard to fit in with the “forward lean” technique, do not go a long way as far as running is concerned. A slight forward lean is all what is needed for a decent running form. But it should solely be contributed by the ankles and not from the waist. The slight lean being a natural human reflex while running, it is better not to overdo it. Maintaining a straight posture while running! Get away with your hunchback posture as soon as possible.
  • Fleet-footed walking
  • Your general stamina and endurance level gets amplified by sessions of long rapid walks. Your running muscles and joints need break from time to time amidst the intense running schedules. Simple walking is all you need to provide solace to your agitated muscles! In case you are out of form and just started running, brisk walking should be your basic exercise initially.
  • Proper arm swing
  • The role of your arms plays an integral role in the process of accelerating your running pace. The trunk of your body requires stability while running which is imparted by your arm swing. No wonder why one can run only slowly with stiff hands. The attainment of maximum speed can be achieved faster only when the power gets transferred efficiently through the body. Certain drills solely contribute to your arm swing.
  • With the help of the Byrdband running arm swing trainer, you can perform the arm motion in a sitting position. Follow the same motion while standing.
  • While walking up to 50 – 100 meters, make sure the arms follow the same pattern of driving up to the chest and down to the hip.
  • Focus on the arm swing motion while running. To develop flexible arm movement, you should have control over the upward and downward motion.
  • Avoid Aggressive Strides
  • “Overrunning” kills the love for running! It is a like a ritual among runners to take longer strides. Aggressive strides send impact shock through the legs. The major part that should be emphasized on is the position where your foot lands in respect to the rest of your body. Rather than far outside the center of the body mass, your foot should make contact with the ground right underneath your body. This minimizes the impact on your legs and shrugs off the injury risk, thus leading to proper strides.
  • Run at a convenient pace
  • Running fast is not an answer to being in shape or not. A hard training is not the key to a better running form, but a smart training is. A convenient running pace is best to start off with. After several practice sessions, you shall mentally get connected to running at that same pace every day. Once you adapt to this specific pace, you can accelerate your speed eventually.

Being a leading manufacturer of running products, Byrdband believes in simplifying the process of running for beginners. It provides running equipment to increase your running speed. Here are the basic running products:

  • Arm Swing Trainer
  • The trainings related to running are eased out by the use of An Arm Swing Trainer. Running trainings involve speed training, marathon training, sprinting, distance running etc. It gives way to good leg drive, learning smart running techniques, fine shoulder swing, relaxation of hands and maintenance of arms at 90 degree and saving them from crossing the body midline during the running. With an added feature of light poly-elastic webbing, it generates a spring effect. This Trainer is adjustable to suit your arm size.
  • Running Stride Trainer
  • This useful Stride Trainer creates the enormous first steps required to lead to an impressive finish. Eliminating long strides, it heightens the stride frequency and solidifies hip flexor. Thus it improves the overall running pace. It also has the light poly-elastic webbing that can be effortlessly handled. These Trainers are adjustable to various leg sizes.
  • Arm Swing Bar
  • The arm bar is packed into the middle segment of the running arm swing trainer. The running arm bar prevents the arms from falling apart at the upper arm swing during running.
  • Head Band
  • The head band maintains your hair dry from sweat. It becomes mandatory in case you have long or medium-sized hair. With hair sweeping all over your face, you certainly cannot afford to do proper trainings.

    A running session can be started with 10-15 minutes of brisk walking or slow running and can be ended the same way. It shall also help you in reaching your desired speed gradually.

    Running is the proper revitalizing tonic for your mind and body. It makes you fitter and happier every time. It even increases your life expectancy. However, avoid vigorous running. Make running a worthwhile exercise for yourself using Byrdband running products.