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"I think the byrdband running arm swing trainer is a great product for young-developing runners and advanced runners in teaching the proper arm mechanics"

Joe Walker 
Head Track Coach University of Mississippi 
2002 USOC National Track and Field Coach of the Year

"It did wonders to improve running arm swing position which improved performance"

Alex King
Pebblebrook Track Club

"Corrected running arm swing that had been challenging for years easy and effortlessly." Great Product.
Blaine William 
The Heat Track Club

" I have a summer track club, and we are using them with some of our new and inexperienced runners. They help with the 'Show & Tell' of track and field. With our experienced runners, we are correcting bad habits with the Byrdbands and teaching our athletes the correct running form. Congratulations again!
Coach Jacci
Oklahoma Jaguars Track Club

Simply Innovative! "Our grass roots athletes are learning how to properly hold their running arm swing and we have numerous success stories" 
Jacqui Collins 
Cobb County Youth Track League 
Marietta, Georgia

ROCKY MOUNTAIN FLYING PANTHERS LOVE the BYRDBAND!" As the Head Coach, I can say that even my long distance runners wear them. My sprinters are amazed at how it forces you the correct running arm swing and running form. Thanks for coming up with such a simple way to enforce proper arm action!!!!! " 
Mary Elizabeth Aude 
Head Coach of the Rocky Mountain Flying Panthers 
Billings, Montana

" Cannot Live without the “Running Arm Swing Trainer” – “Must Have For All Athletes” " 
Dawn Best 
Atomic Track Club 
New York

The Running Arm Swing Trainer has been very helpful in assisting my athletes, sprinters as well as distance runners, with running with the proper arm action. Through practice and wearing the running arm swing trainer all of my runners have learned to run more efficient and proper running form. It took awhile for my distance runners to buy into it but now they fully understand how much energy they wasted without using the proper running arm swing. Without this tool it would have been more difficult to get them to understand the important of running form and running technique." 
Walter Anderson 
Head Coach, Abundant Life Athletes Track Club
Sicklerville, NJ

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