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Arm Swing Trainer

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The arms account for approximately 40% of the running movement but few runners or athletes work on perfecting the running arm swing.  By improving the running arm swing, you can actually run faster and more efficient.  The running arm swing trainer is simple technology that will help runners or athletes create the perfect running arm swing.  It can be placed on the arms in seconds to deliver immediate results to running faster and longer.  This is an excellent tool for speed training, marathon training, sprinters, distance runners, middle distance runners or any running sport.

Features and Benefits:

  • Improve leg drive.
  • Eliminate arms crossing the body midline.
  • Create good running form and mechanics.
  • Teach proper running technique.
  • Relax hands and good shoulder swing
  • Maintain 90 degree angle throughout the running arm swing.
  • Light weight poly-elastic webbing to create a spring effect.
  • Adjustable to fit most arm sizes. 

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