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Best Running Tips on Training, Apparel and Equipment


Training plays a pivotal part of the running schedule. Smart training makes your body resistant to injuries and internal strains. It increases the agility, toughness and immunity of the body that leads to a wholesome fitness. Here are the basic tips for training:

  • Fit into a good pair of shoes
  • Running does not need any costly equipment as such. Getting a proper pair of running shoes is the only valid investment. No need to compromise on the cost of buying this sole vital thing. You need not buy a top brand shoe from a luxurious retail shop. Small local shops would serve you adequately, provided the staff of the shop has a detailed knowledge regarding the shoes that fit your pace. Ensure you end up buying a pair that is best suited to your pace and your foot size without fail! You can also purchase socks that are seam-free and gets rid of the moisture to prevent your feet from getting blisters.
  • Warm up routine
  • Always opt for a warm-up routine before the actual “training”. This includes stretching as well as strength exercises to train your muscles and keep them free from distress. It includes activities like brisk walking, high kicks etc. Such exercises elevate your flexibility and helps your muscles to reconstruct faster.
  • Do not over-stress
  • Do not overdo these trainings. Alternate one day of rigorous training with a day of light workout session at the gym. This way your boy gets time to recover from the wear-and-tear caused by the rigorous training.
  • Do not take a long break
  • Your body fitness does might partially rely on the intensity of the training. But, consistency in training every day matters more than the intensity. It is suggested that unless you are under medication, never take a long break from the trainings. The body gets lethargic and drastically loses its endurance level. If you are starting with your training after a time of 1 month, you shall feel like starting again from zero level.
  • Take it slow
  • Smart training is the ticket to a better running form, not necessarily an aggressive one. It is better to run at a convenient pace. Once your body self-programs to this specific pace through regular practice, you can increase your speed gradually. This slow change makes it easier for the body to endure. The greater the change, the more the muscles get fatigued that might cause intense muscle pains. It is no good if you run hard one day and resort to bed rest for the rest of the week! Since, elevating your form is an ongoing process, you need to be mentally in sync with the running pace.

A proper workout attire is one that makes you feel comfortable and fit. You can bring out your maximum potential only when you feel at ease in your clothes. The right pair of sports shoes and a comfortable attire is all that you need to arrange before getting started with the training schedule. When you feel discomforted, all the negative thoughts come to your mind like a gush of wind and affects your form. New clothing or accessories might cause you grave allergy! Such allergies might lead to skin redness, running nose, skin lesions, blisters or acne.

Here are some clothing tips for running:

  • Bid farewell to cotton
  • Cotton shirts and pants might chafe your skin. So avoid cotton sweatshirts or pants while dressing up for running. These are not suitable for you during summers as well as winters. It is because cotton never contributes to the regulation of your body temperature, which is crucial for running attire. In case your cotton shirt or pant gets wet with sweat, it remains wet. In the heat, this gets clumsy and uneasy for the runner. In cold weather, it might lead to fever.

    Cotton socks can cause blisters to your feet. While running, the feet emanates enormous sweat. While almost half percentage of the foot sweat evaporates from the upper part, the remaining half percentage is imbibed in the socks. The normal foot temperature is very high, and it heightens while running.

  • Embrace technical fabrics
  • Technical fabrics diminish your chances of getting blisters or acne. It uses synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester or Lycra. This material is meant for high performances. It is lightweight and chases moisture away from your skin. This regulates your body heat as per every weather and keeps you dry.
  • Features of technical fabric:
  • Lightweight as it moves the sweat away
  • Breathable fabric as it allows evaporation to occur fast that keeps you cool
  • Technical socks are a complete solace as it shrugs off the moisture from your feet while running
  • Provide cushioning, reinforcement and compression panels
  • Washing

Wash your technical attire with products that maintain its moisture-tapering characteristic. Being a leading manufacturer of running equipment, Byrdband believes in creating an easy and effective process of running for beginners as well as experts. It provides running products to increase your running speed, cadence and better your form.

Here are the basic running products:

  • Arm Swing Trainer
  • It provides good leg drive, fine shoulder swing, relaxation of hands and maintenance of arms at 90 degree. With the supplementary feature of light poly-elastic webbing, it produces a spring effect. It is adjustable to suit any arm size.
  • Running Stride Trainer
  • It helps in the initiation of enormous first steps required to lead to an impressive finish. Eliminating the possibility of long strides, it augments the stride frequency and solidifies hip flexor. It refines the overall running pace. It also has the light poly-elastic webbing that can be easily handled. These are adjustable to various leg sizes.
  • Arm Swing Bar
  • It prevents the arms from collapsing at the upper arm swing while running.
  • Head Band
  • The head band keeps your hair sweat-free. It is a must for runners with long hair or fringes on forehead. This set of Byrdband runners’ equipment helps runners to enjoy their running spree!