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7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Run

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You can make your run an enjoyable and affordable form of exercise only when you are motivated. No matter how much of a bigger challenge it might be to tread out of your comfort zone and showcase your running skills, it is worth it. Motivation is the strong catalyst that can transform “losers” into veteran runners. History is the witness.

Here are the basic ways to motivate yourself to run and hit the ground alongside:

  • Be clear about your “why”
  • To experience a dream run, a strong purpose is mandatory. You can never make it to the top without a dream. It takes a breathtakingly passionate athlete to win the Olympics. Well, not every one of you are aiming for Olympics, but no matter whatever your goal is, it is always special to you. Whether it is to run a marathon, or to win the State-level race, every goal is meaningful and makes you more confident with a unique sense of achievement. Make a list of all such small and long-term goals. Placing a small tick for your first goal itself will give you a new meaning to your life. The moment you realize your true purpose, you shall be able to handle the ownership. One strong purpose of yours should beat your other thousand negative excuses of giving up.
  • Explore and grasp
  • Try to have an in-depth knowledge in all the aspects of running. You can follow certain resourceful sports magazines, explore running-related websites and articles. This will help you gaining a different level of interest. Also, you can implement this knowledge in your training schedule or while running. It truly helps a lot, especially in times of distress. It will make you feel proud that you are a part of the running community. This shall even make it easier for you to connect to your contemporaries and the running legends.
  • Keep a track of your performances
  • Maintain a record of all your little milestones of your running journey. This is going to appeal to you emotionally as well that shall drive you towards achieving humongous goals. This helps you to work with a practical and self-introspecting approach. You should never wait for your coach to motivate you or review you. It gives you a fair chance to self-analyze your progress and work accordingly.
  • Embrace the positive criticisms
  • Do not treat running just as an activity. Try connecting to it on a spiritual level. Every time you run, you discover a new strength or weakness about yourself. Gain confidence from your strengths and learn from your mistakes. Consult with your trainer or coach as to how you may overcome your weak points. Do not run away from criticisms. Take them positively and work harder. That is the mantra to follow!
  • De-stress
  • There is no room for learning where fear and stress prevails. There might be a specific aspect of running that gives you tremendous joy, be it reaching the finish line, winning a race, hearing the cheers from the spectators or the adrenaline rush. Focus on your specific source of joy and try enjoying your run every time. When you panic on the inside, it manifests the external signs such as unrelaxed upper body or lack of confidence. Only when you enjoy your work, you can get the sweetest fruits of your labor. In fact sometimes it is better to be more casual than normal on the day of the race. Though it is easier said than done, make a conscious effort to evade the unwanted stress that only deteriorates your performance.
  • Conditioning yourself mentally and physically for pain
  • It is very crucial for runners to be consistent in their training. It is because the more consistent they are, the more the body gets adapted to the pain. With a high endurance level, your body is the fit to display great running skills. Pain is a by-product of running, so the sooner your mind and body gets used to it, the better. After all, a little pain along the way is worth the great achievement that lies ahead. So, shed all the self-pitying lamentations, buckle up and embrace the slight pain that comes along. With these guidelines, you can hold on and be more self-assured of achieving your goal. Whether you win or lose a race, you surely get stronger with each one. Whether it is handling the pain or analyzing some newly-discovered weaknesses, you are one step forward than where you were yesterday.

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Self-motivate yourself in every possible way. However, you need to find out the tool that motivates you the most, be it a certain tune or song, a video, a magazine or just meditation. Whatever works for you, adopt it!