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Tips to Improve Running Form

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Running might be a just an exercise for some while a respite for others; profession for some while a nightmare for others! There are several simple, easy-to-put-into-practice steps that can greatly accentuate your running form. Working on your form shall surely help you from getting away from injuries to a great extent so that you can run effortlessly and feel proud at the end of the day with an overwhelming stamina.

Here are some basic tips to heighten your running form:

  • Wear a straight posture
  • Standing straight is the basic step to get a good running posture. Slouching, or leaning from the waist, is a common problem for many runners who try too hard to perfect that “forward lean” they heard was part of proper running form. While a slight forward lean is part of good form, it should come from the ankles, not the waist. There is a pre-conceived notion among the amateur runners that forward lean is crucial to the proper running form. The true story is that one should lean forward from the ankles and never from the waist! It is better not to make a conscious effort to lean forward as it is a natural reflex. Smart runners focus more on maintaining a straight posture while running! Fix your hunchback posture as soon as possible.
  • Brisk walking
  • Long, brisk walks increase reinforce your stamina and heighten your endurance level. A simple routine of walking can give your running muscles and joints a much needed break. It is highly effective in case you are out of form.
  • Analyze your cadence
  • Cadence is a crucial determining factor for runners, be it amateur or veteran! It can be defined as the number of steps covered with both feet in one minute. 180 steps per minute is the favorable cadence. A more comfortable running pace should preferably involve a cadence of 170 steps per minute. If your step rate is less than 170, work on increasing it by gradually. Keep in mind not to overstress yourself in the process.
  • Work on your arm swing
  • The role of your arms plays a vital role in the process of speeding up your running pace. The arm swing renders firmness to the trunk of your body. Efficient transfer of power through the body strikingly improves the rate of acceleration and attainment of maximum speed. You can try out certain drills stressing on your arm swing.
  • With the help of the running arm swing trainer, you can perform the arm motion in a sitting position.
  • Follow the same motion while standing.
  • Walk up to 50 – 100 meters and make sure the arms follow the pattern of driving up to the chest and down to the hip.
  • Try focusing on the motion of the arm swing while running. You should control the upward and downward motion to develop stronger arm movement. This is sure to boost up your endurance and pace.
  • Emphasize on your Foot-stride
  • It is a common practice among runners to “overrun” by taking longer strides. But, the gruesome part is that it these aggressive strides send impact shock through the legs. The major part that should be given stress on is the position where your foot lands in respect to the rest of your body. Your foot should touch right underneath your body, rather than far outside the center of the body mass. This reduces the sole pressure on your legs and trims the injury risk, thus leading to proper moderate strides.
  • Run at a desired pace
  • Running fast is not equivalent to running efficiently. Smart training is the key to a better running form, not necessarily a hard one. It is better to keep your running pace at a convenient pace sometimes. Once you adapt to this specific pace by regular practice, you can increase your speed gradually so that you get comfortable at that increased speed later. It is no good if you run hard one day and resort to bed rest the next day! Since, achieving form is an ongoing process, you need to be mentally in sync with the running pace.

Byrdband is a leading manufacturer of running products that believes in easing out the process of running for beginners. It has designed functional running equipment to augment your running form. Here are the basic running products:

  • Arm Swing Trainer
  • An arm Swing Trainer is a valuable tool that simplifies the trainings related to running such as speed training, marathon training, sprinting and distance running. It results in fine leg drive, knowing smart running techniques, good shoulder swing, relaxation of hands, maintenance of arms at right angle and preventing them from crossing the body midline during the running. It has the added feature of light poly-elastic webbing to generate a spring effect. It can be adjusted as per the arm size.
  • Running Stride Trainer
  • This useful Stride Trainer generates the first steps to be humongous in order to lead to a strong finish. Eliminating over-striding, it amplifies stride frequency and solidifies hip flexor. Thus it improves the overall running pace. With light poly-elastic webbing, it is effortlessly easy-to-use and is adjustable to various leg sizes.
  • Arm Swing Bar
  • The arm bar is loaded into the middle segment of the arm swing trainer used for running.  The running arm bar saves the arms from collapsing at the upper arm swing during running.
  • Head Band
  • Last but not the least, the head band keep your hair dry from sweat. It is a crucial tool in case you have long or medium-sized hair. You certainly cannot afford to do proper trainings with hair sweeping over your face.

    Running is an effective way to get in a splendid shape. However, do not go extreme and run vigorously. It might turn off your interest in running in the long run! Moderation is the best policy. Try to make running an enjoyable experience for yourself. Using Byrdband products can be the best way for you fall in love with running!