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The Top 5 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Faster

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Mind plays a very crucial role when you are engaging yourself in tempo runs. You need to break free of your mental prison first. Inconsistency is not an option is you want to work on your speed. You need to have an elevated endurance level in order to reach your maximum potential as a runner. Here are some basic reasons that weigh you down from getting a faster running pace:

  • Not-so-smart training
  • Inconsistent training sessions often lead to zero results. If you want to convert running into a full-time career, you need to befriend consistency! Gaining speed is an ongoing process and not a one-time miracle! Regular trainings need tobe attended to ace the race! You cannot work without a schedule as you might need to manage other household matters or your studies alongside. Order and system needs to be given high priority if you are an aspiring runner. Training of your running muscles is vital to endure more pain and perform better. It involves quite a lot investment of both your physical and mental energy. Start your daily running schedule with brisk walking or simple jogging. Also perform 15 minutes of other strength exercises after each run. Proceed little by little but, proceed!
  • Running too hard
  • Pushing too hard at the initial stage slows you down drastically towards the end of the session. Make sure to implementonly that much acceleration in your speed that your body can genuinely handle. If you run aggressively hard, you might reach a point where oxygen supply to your muscles stop. The body then looks out for anaerobic sources of energy that leads to leg muscles getting fatigued. Your pace automatically suffers a downfall. Again, consistency in pace is the key here.
  • Improper lifestyle
  • Inadequate sleep and crazy diet routines might get you fatigued even before you attend your session! If you are training too intensely, you need an intense good night sleep as well. Replacing processed foods with more fruits and vegetables lead to a fantastic “whole-food” diet. Also, being unhygienic is almost a sin if you are a professional or prospecting runner!
  • Mentally not trained
  • You should be mentally ready to give it your all when it comes to the training part. Unless you have a positive and sound mind, you can never get the drive. When you do not have a sense of effort, things get mechanical. The training sessions would mean nothing else but physical labor. You need to have a purpose or goal that should drive you throughout these ongoing trainings.
  • Adopting wrong running techniques
  • Maintaining a Slow Cadence
  • Taking long strides reduces the stride frequency that is the cadence. The favorable cadence should be180 foot strikes per minute. Avoid long strides and focus more on increasing your cadence little by little.
  • Frequent Heel Striking
  • This is caused when your foot is in ahead of your hips. In such a position, your foot cannot help you in speeding up forward! Try running with lightweight flat shoes or no shoes at all as it shall reduce heel striking.
  • Lacking motion in the lower body
  • Mobility and flexibility in the lower part of the body is crucial for runners. If you lack motion anywhere, you might be prone to injury or accident. Stretching exercises can give your lower muscles the required boost to attain an elevated endurance level and immunity to injuries or pain.
  • Improper running posture of the upper body
  • Here are a few tips to assure you of a relaxed upper body:

    -Maintain the angle of your elbows at 90 degrees and do not let go of that angle in the back swing, as it shall waste your energy.

    -Try raising your shoulders to the level of your ears at each mile marker during a race, and then resume your normal relaxed position.

    -Walk briskly or start jogging. You can start your running course with these simple movements.

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  • Running Stride Trainer
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  • Arm Swing Bar
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  • Head Band
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