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Top 5 Tips to Run Faster and Longer

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Running not only keeps you physically fit but mentally sharper and pro-active as well. A daily routine of running can help you maintain your form even when you are gorging on delicacies. For out-of-shape people, running is a relatively more effortless blessing than gym! It is truly the best workout possible with minimalistic needs. Burning out the condemned calories, running turns you into a bundle of energy! Being perfect as per any fitness level, it can have very positive effects on your mind such as increasing your focus and making you see your invisible goals. Moreover, today there are many options in case running is your passion.

Here are the top 5 tips to run faster and longer:

  • Strong arms
  • A stronger arm swing plays a crucial role in triggering your running speed. Make sure to keep your arms at a 90-degree angle. This allows your hips to rotate fully such that you are in a smooth motion. Always run with no shoulder movement and put your mental focus on the point of your elbow. This shall facilitate you to get rid of the tightness and feel more at ease as you run. Also, run with loose hands and your palms facing each other. Certain drills can be useful for your arm swing.
  • You can perform the arm motion in both the sitting and standing positions with the help of the Byrdband running arm swing trainer.
  • The arms should follow the same pattern of driving up to the chest and down to the hip while walking up to 50 – 100 meters.
  • Work on improving your arm swing motion while running.
  • Increase your cadence gradually
  • The number of steps taken with both feet per minute is defined as your individual cadence. The sought-after cadence is 180 steps per minute. You might choose to go with the cadence of 170 steps per minute. Once you hit the consistent cadence of 170, work on honing your cadence.
  • Straight posture
  • Maintaining a straight posture is more important than implementing complicated running techniques. To attain a suitable running posture, firstly you need to do away with the habit of slouching. If you try too hard with a “forward lean” technique, it shall never help you in your running career. A slight forward lean is all what is needed. Ankles should produce this slight lean. The slight lean is a natural human reflex. So you need not overplay it! A straight back while running is all that is asked for! So, attend trainings and get away with your hunchback. The sooner, the better.
  • Rapid walking
  • Whenever you start with a running routine, it is always advised to go for a brisk walk for about 15 minutes. Your general stamina and endurance level gets increased by multifold. Your muscles and joints need time-out from at regular intervals amidst the intense trainings. Simple yet rapid walking can work wonders for your sore muscles! Brisk walking should be your basic exercise in case you want to run faster an longer.
  • Decent Strides
  • Longer strides are never the forte of an expert runner. It is a notion that among runners that longer strides lead to running faster. However, it is but just a myth! Violent strikes send long-lasting impact shock through the legs. Instead of emphasizing on the stride length, you should stress more on the fact as to where your foot is touching the ground in respect to the rest of your body. The ideal scenario is where your foot makes contact with the ground right underneath your body. This reduces the impact on your legs and eradicates the injury risk, making way to proper strides.
  • Run at a moderate and easy pace
  • Excessive exercise such as a hardcore run can be deadly. As per the scientists, arduous runners are causing themselves more harm than good. (Reference from: An overly rigorous training is not the right cord to strike. It is actually smart training which people misinterpret. A conveniently moderate running pace is best to start off with. Once your mind gets in sync with your constant running speed, you can accelerate your speed only to a certain extent. Take it slow and make sure not to overstress your body at any cost.

Byrdband, the leading manufacturer of running products believes in easing out the process of running for you, no matter of you are just a newbie or expert. It has a greatly functional line of running products that aid you to run fast for a longer period of time. Here are the basic running products:

  • Arm Swing Trainer
  • An Arm Swing Trainer makes the grueling trainings related to running are easier for you. Running trainings involve speed training, marathon training, sprinting, distance running Etc. It leads to a decent leg drive, fine shoulder swing, learning effective running techniques, relaxation of hands and maintenance of arms at 90 degree and saving them from crossing the body midline during the running. It contains an added feature of light poly-elastic webbing that creates a marvelous spring effect. This Trainer is can be adjusted to fit to any arm size.
  • Running Stride Trainer
  • This useful Stride Trainer leads to an impressive finish by creating enormous first steps. Disapproving the concept of long strides, it heightens the stride frequency and solidifies hip flexor. Thus it makes your running faster and longer. It also has the light poly-elastic webbing that can be effortlessly handled. These Trainers can be adjusted to various leg sizes.
  • Arm Swing Bar
  • The arm bar is placed into the middle segment of the running arm swing trainer. The arms are prevented from collapsing at the upper arm swing by this swing bar during running.
  • Head Band
  • The head band prevents your hair from getting sweaty. It is of vital use to those who have longer hair. You certainly cannot expect to do proper trainings with your hair sweeping across your eyes.

    Run at a faster pace with the assistance of the simple yet effective Byrdband running products!