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Top 10 running tips for Beginners

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Running is the beginners’ choice for gaining fitness at almost null investment. You can start running anywhere, be it solo or with a group. So you have a lot to freedom to exercise while running. However, as it is accessible, many new runners are not aware of the right running form. They try to imitate the athletes they see on the TV! But, the bitter truth is that most of them cannot be successful themselves by just copying their role models’ techniques. The rules are different for newcomers. Once you hit the ground running, only then can you have your style and form. But reaching that stage requires time and practice.

Here are the basic tips for beginners:

  • Focus more on the distance covered rather than your pace
  • The first concern for any aspiring runner should not be the pace but the distance covered. You need to take it slow. There is no point in running with maximum speed one day and getting bedridden for the rest of the week! Pace is something that develops with time and practice. Focus more on covering long distances and find your convenient cadence. Try maintaining your cadence. Gradually you can get your body programmed to an increased speed but you need to go step by step, preferably under the guidance of a coach.
  • Fit into the right pair of shoes
  • Running does not need any equipment. However, the only genuine investment that you need to involves buying a proper pair of running shoes. Make sure not to compromise on the cost of buying this one crucial item. It need not be a retail shop, but the staff of the shop should have an in-depth knowledge regarding the shoes. Ensure you end up buying a pair that is best suited to your pace and your foot size of course!
  • Join a group of running enthusiasts
  • Apart from solo run, it is highly recommended to take part in group run. It need not be a large group of strangers. If you wish you can practice running with your friend as well. But remember the purpose of joining a group of runners is to arouse self-motivation and inspiration. It rekindles the dedication towards your skill. So, the purpose should be served. Also, it drives you to run even during your “down-times” of life.
  • Fix a schedule
  • You cannot just start with your training one fine day you feel like! There is no point being a headless chicken when it comes to your passion or profession. Proceed only when you have a valid purpose or goal. Prepare a schedule to effectively compartmentalize your time and devote the allotted time entirely to your training session. Be alert of the several running programs for beginners around you. Start on your own first just by jogging or rapid walking and then move on to these sessions.
  • Listen to your body
  • It is always suggested by veteran runners to start slowly. Your body takes time to conform to the little changes in your workout activities. Once your body gets a hang of it, only then proceed to work further upon your running pace. There might be many side effects once you start with the session, such as sore calves and hips. In such cases, listen to your body but neither give up nor force your body into yet another vigorous routine! One day of challenging workout can be alternated with a light workout session the next day. You create a rhythmic pattern this way as per your body’s demands. However, do not surrender to complete rest as it might disturb your active flow.
  • Proper diet and water
  • Balanced Diet is the fuel that drives a runner to achieve his fullest potential. Not eating sufficient can affect your running performance to the core. Your muscles give up and you feel distressed within a short period of time. Eating after a running session is equally important. It restores back the energy to the agitated muscles. Some of the essential components of the diet are skim milk, cherries, bananas, oatmeal, green tea etc. Drinking water needs no time-frame! You can or rather you should drink during, before or after running.
  • Intake of energy boosters
  • There are various energy supplements for runners that boost your running by hydrating your muscles and promoting energy. Fish oil is a good energy supplement that is an asset to runners.
  • Warm-up before you play
  • The stiffness and tightness of muscles during running often gets unbearable. A 10-15 minutes of brisk walk or slow jogging can work wonders in your running performance. A stretching exercise also helps. Practicing warm-up sessions will save the unpleasant strain on your muscles while running.
  • Get sufficient sleep
  • Your muscles suffer a good deal of wear-and-tear during the training sessions. Sleep is too important for any normal human being. It gets the weary muscles reinstated to their original healthy state. If your body does not get proper amount of rest, you yourself shall not feel the enthusiasm before the next run and your body shall feel sluggish. So, get a good night sleep to run closer towards your goals!
  • Maintain a list of your short and long-term goals
  • Maintaining a record of your detailed list of goals helps you to get that instantly registered in your mind. You surely shall not require any other source of motivation after this!

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